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RAFT Urban Bioretention

RAFT is an urban bioretention stormwater solution that achieves practical and regulatory performance requirements through a simplified, flexible, cost-effective, and easily maintained system. RAFT provides stormwater treatment and storage capacity, even in the most constrained environments.

Urban Bioretention functions the same as other bioretention applications but is constrained to a "container" within the urban environment. RAFT is that "container" and is designed to be more cost-effective and rapidly assembled. 

The key feature behind this is the patent pending post and panel assembly. Precast concrete panels slide into preassembled FRP frames to create a contiguous, self-supporting unit. These panels nest together without any additional fasteners and can be assembled by a two-man crew & small equipment operator in as little as 30 linear feet per hour.


Easy Field Repairs

removable panels allow fast replacements or access to buried utilities

Fast Installation

field-assembly in hours rather than days or weeks

Dimensional Flexibility

extend or reduce the footprint with repeating component parts

No Specialized Equipment

components are sized for easy handling using common small equipment


optimize water quality and quantity for new construction or retrofit projects

Open-Source BMP

the RAFT container can hold the BMP solution of your choosing

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