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About Us

Our Story

InfraSGA was founded by experienced landscape architects and civil engineers with decades of experience designing successful green infrastructure solutions. Their clients have stretched across the U.S. with a range of project types in both public and private sectors. With this experience, their knowledge of available product solutions (and their shortcomings) revealed an absence in the market. InfraSGA was born from their frustration with existing product solutions and their desire for green infrastructure to be attainable by all. In 2018, InfraSGA was founded, and RAFT has been developed as the solution to the problems they encountered. 

Since 2018, InfraSGA has steadily built the business around the advancement of green infrastructure. Culminating in 2023, we are taking the next step towards making green infrastructure attainable by all. Our debut product, RAFT, has been successfully implemented in three pilot projects and has demonstrated that it is ready for additional implementation in the wider market.


The development of green infrastructure products is not an easy task, and we would not have been successful without the generous support of RISE Resilience Innovations. Thank you for the opportunity to innovate a new solution within this difficult industry and for the chance to make a positive impact for communities and ecosystems alike.

RISE Resilience Innovations - Learn more about RISE at

“RISE finds, funds and accelerates businesses creating the most promising and scalable solutions to the growing impacts of flooding and sea-level rise. The RISE programs have established the only ecosystem of coastal resilience entrepreneurs, who are using coastal Virginia as a living lab to develop their next-generation products and technologies.”


Our Team

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President & Managing Partner

Timothy J. Stromberg

Michael Bio Photo B&W.tif

Partner & Product Development Lead

Michael Stromberg

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Designer & Product Development

Mandy Stamnitz

Sean Headshot b&w website.png

Partner & Director of Sales

Sean C. Garrigan

Borden Headshot b&w_edited.jpg

Management Operations Director

Borden Edgerton

Our History

The below timeline offers a glimpse at the efforts InfraSGA has taken to bring a new infrastructure product to market. We need your support to continue making an impact,so please consider RAFT on your next project. ~ Thank you


RAFT concept forms while solving client stormwater management problems without existing solutions



InfraSGA founded with goal of creating green infrastructure solutions, with RAFT being the driving focus




Provisional US Patent application submitted

RISE RIF Grant award winner – initial capital used to research, develop, and prototype RAFT



Participated in ICAP program to assist in initial research and development




Applied for national patents in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, and the United States


RAFT prototype was manufactured, assembled, and extensively studied


RISE Urban Challenge Fund award winner - capital used for pilot project installations, key leadership hires, operational and financing strategies, and further product refinement

Transparent RiseChallengeBadge-Finals-07 April 22.png


Delivered RAFT to first pilot project - Somerset Trust Company: Hempfield Hub Office


Received patent for the RAFT product in Australia


Hired Management Operations Director to lead operations and prepare for wider launch Q4, 2023




Received patent for the RAFT product in China

Delivered RAFT to second and third pilot projects – Elizabeth River Project: Ryan Resilience Lab, and Somerset Trust Company: New Branch Office


Three initial RAFT pilot projects successfully installed on site and studied for additional improvements

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