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Somerset Trust Company:
New Branch Office

Latrobe, PA: Fall 2023

Project Highlights: Constrained Site Intervention, Adaptive Reuse Project, Attractive Site Feature,
State Approved Non-Proprietary BMP

With a small site and an existing building being adaptively reused for the branch, the tight constraints made RAFT the optimal deliverable with its tight footprint and ease of installation. This represents the first fully operational RAFT system in use and shows how RAFT can be deployed to create attractive, visible, and functional green stormwater infrastructure in compact spaces.

This 60 square foot RAFT bioretention planter (interior 3’W x 20’L x 4’D) will capture and treat runoff from approximately 2,500 square feet of parking lot and roadway to aid in meeting the stormwater requirements of the site. The design team specified 24” of bioretention soil mix (30% Sandy Loam, 50% Coarse Sand, and 20% Compost) within the RAFT planter.

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